Wanamingo Mod
A cut creature that was to appear in Fallout 3


NA Must be obtained using a mod.


Animal (Proven by video)

they have huge mouths

They are creatures originally supposed to be in Fallout 3, but didn't make the final cut.  They're files are in the game disks however and are possibly to put into the game by moddingFloaters are also creatures that didn't make the final cut, but the game files are on the disk.

Wanimingos were bio-enginered weapons of war just like the Deathclaw, and were designed to be destroyed.  It is beleived that the Wanimingos didn't make the final cut because the game designers found out that Wanimingos were made to be easily destroyed, by making so there is only one queen, and the queen cannot make another queen.  The Chosen One (the main character of Fallout 2) destroys the queen, so Wanimingos would be extinct by 2277.

Wanimingos are sort of a really dark magenta in color, are very fast and a Youtube video revealed that they can pounce in Fallout 3Another video showed that they were capeable of killing a band of Raiders.  They have no visable eyes, a slanted head, with no features execpt the very huge mouths that are filled with huge, sharp, teeth.  The have two tentecles for arms.  They are either almost, more, or possibly equel compared to power of the Deathclaw, the most dangerous creature of the game.

The queen is bigger than normal Wanimingos, and silver.  In Fallout 2 the only queen has a nest in "The Great Wanimingo Mine."  That is probobly why they are called Wanimingos.

Proof of Wanamingos:Edit

Wanimingo Concept Art

Concept art from the "Art of Fallout 3" Book