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Harold the Talking Tree.jpg
Vital statistics
Title He Who Grows
Gender Male
Race Talking Tree
Faction Treeminders
Health NA
Level Unknown
Status {{{status}}}
Location Oasis

Harold the Talking Tree is found in the Oasis and he is worshiped by the inhabitants.  Harold is one of the few charecters to appear in Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3.  He also was a good friend with Richard Grey, otherwise known as the Master, the main villain of Fallout 1.

In Fallout[]

In Fallout 1 you find him as an old hermit in The Hub.  He looks like a ghoul and seems to have grass growing out of his head.  He tells you the story of how he became what he is and how Richard was hit by a crane and Harold never saw him again.  Richard Grey fell into a vat of F.E.V. (Forced Evolutionary Virus) and became the Master, but Harold doesn't tell you this because he is unaware.  Harold got some F.E.V. on his head and thus the tree.

In Fallout 2[]

Harold in Fallout 2, with the tree first starting to grow.

In Fallout 2 you find him being the leader of a town of Ghouls called Gecko.  He now has a very small tree growing out of his head.  If your character asks "Is that a tree growing out of your head?" he will answer, "You like him?  His name is Herbert.  I talk to him sometimes when I get lonely."  Then he will say to you after you make a comment, "Ah! Just kidding! His name's Bob!"

In Fallout 3[]

In Fallout 3 he ventures all the way to the Oasis and soon, apparently, Herbert/Bob got too heavy, so he plopped down, and soon Herbert/Bob grew bigger until he was how we all know and love 'em, Harold: The Talking Tree.

Oasis Quest[]

He asks the Lone Wanderer to kill him because he is just tired of life.  He tells him that he thinks Herbert brought his organs down to the roots, so you have to venture down into a tunnel filled with Mirelurks and Mirelurk Kings.  Once you find his heart, you can destroy it, like Harold wants you too, or if you have talked to others in the Oasis, you will have the option to slow down Harold's Growth, or Accelerate it.  Another option to kill him is to light him on fire using a fire-based weapon.  If you do this you will gain negative Karma, and everyone in the Oasis will become hostile to you.  Harold with also emit a terrible and unearthly shriek.


If you do what Harold wants you to do, and kill him by destroying his heart, you will get a new Unique Perk, Barkskin.

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