Floater - Fallout 2.
Cut Creature

Where Found

Nowhere, must mod it into the game.


Super Mutants

It is unknown where Floaters came from.  Some say they mutated from tapeworms but this is unconfirmed.  Floaters are in the Fallout 3 game files but are hidden and unnecsible unless you download Mods off the Internet, or Mod the game yourself by using the G.E.C.K. Editor.

Floaters appear only in the first 2 games and were going to be in Fallout 3 but did not make the final cut.  They are almost always accompanied by Super Mutants and/or Centaurs.  They appear as tanish creatures, with a HUGE mouth with a tial it uses to move.  The head is always high up from the ground and that may be whare the term "Floater" came from.